Tuesday, 14 July 2009


HI People!

I thought I had better update you all on the latest letter from the Local Government Ombudsman, its really depressing to receive these types or replies and yet again from someone I havent heard of before. How many people are there dealing with your complaint Crazydave. You really have gotta wonder about that but at least the letter did have a dedicated email address, which is a sight lot more than the majority of correspondence that I have received these past few years.

However the reference number does correspond to those received via email, its just that the contents suck when you consider the complaint, and frankly I do not believe this reply. Do not believe that they cannot investigate the other complaints in the blogs n videos, you will understand why when I type up the reply. So here it is constant reader.

Our ref; /200900364

Date 10 July 2009

Dear Mr. Gabriel

I have now had a chance to examine your complaint to the Ombudsman via our e-mail system, which we received on the 29 June. After examination of your complaint, there appear to be two issues which fall within the Ombudsman's jurisdiction - I refer to the situation with your neighbour and to your requests to the Council for a housing transfer. In light of this, I have contacted the Council to request any documents that they have relating to your complaint, so that i might manke a better assessment of whether your complaint is one which the Ombudsman can investigate.

I will write to you again when I have had a chance to review these documents.

Yours sincerely

Sam Rogers
Assistant Assessment Officer
I fail to understand how Sam has arrived at these are the only two issues that she can ask about? Considering that they asked for additional evidence and I gave them the http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/ web address where I have endeavoured to keep the nation abreast of the Criminal Negligence that both the local council and the Welsh Assembly operate under. Yet that part of the complaint appears to have been totally ignored, much like the Ombudsman doing nothing it would appear about South Wales Police colluding with Cardiff County Council and the Welsh Assembly in their Criminally Negligent ways.
I believe that the LGO are able to investigate the Police as much as the Police are able to investigate them not that they have with regards my Desperate Daniels banner.
Are art works considered evidence in criminal investigations? Is the claim of Torture to extreme for them to take on board, that if Rhodri Morgans government fullfilled their duty of care, and really oversee the antics of local government then I would have been re-housed way back in 2002, not left to rot, and as the LGO has received this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzbTU2VHawc
You would have thought that this would have met with an immediate response from one of the Usual Suspects on my behalf, or from the Ombudsman to the Council or Mr. Parry or Mr. Murphy getting their finger out and some real intervention on my behalf.
It is not my fault that your property does not meet minimum standards gentlemen, has not for the last 10 years that I have been a resident and I wonder what your motivation is for doing nothing.
Personally I would like to submit a public question calling for the sacking of both of these men, but under the Council rules regarding Public Questions that would not be allowed. Something Sam isn't concerned about what so ever, neither for that matter is Mr. Iain Dale of bloggerdom fame, one of the Usual Suspects in this Ombudsman fiasco, I will say again their limitations on what questions can be asked as a public question is a violation of article 10 of the Human Rights Act.
What pray tell Sam darling of the Roof Water Collection System refused by the Council to adapt the downpipe themselves and thus preventing me from lowering my annual water charge very dramatically. It cost me £13 in bits to do the back.
Saving that ammount when on a minimum income, while having to pay black market prices for the medication of choice, is no easy feat, not if you are trying to live at the same time, or don't the vulnerable listed in the Jane Hutt banner above have the right to a life.
What the cost to the Council would have been for the bits seeing as they would be paying trade price not retail like me makes me wonder.
The adaptation of the downpipe for the front garden is going to cost me £15 cos there are additional brakets to buy, but you would have thought that if they didn't have the finance to pay the plumber to do the job they could at least after the first video of the completed back job, offered me the bits to do the same out the front.
Or doesn't their Duty of Care run to saving Vulnerable Tenants from being scammed by big business, in this case being ripped off by the water company.
If the Ombudsman were truely watching out for us then the Rateable Value of this Sub-Satandard property would have been substantially reduced way back after the O'brien CC99-3-2 report, and I would have had the Blue Barrels then.
Then there is Judith Woodman deliberatley misleading the Council in her reply to my Public Question, and the e-mail evidence that she was well aware that there were things amiss at my residence. Not to be investigated apparently from Sam's
reply. Much like the Claim of Criminal Negligence.
I guess that the next thing will be an email saying that they cannot access blogger or youtube, like the Crown Prosecution Service did when they turned a blind eye to these failures of care, the same as the Equality Human Rights Commission saying they couldn't access them either, what they really mean is that they cannot be bothered. I really wonder, if any of these people have family who are not coping to well with life, and have well paid nerdowells doing jack to be of any assistance to them whatsoever.
So Sam I wonder if you will have a look at the blogs n videos and decide 'Heck Crazydave there are loads of issues here that fall within the Ombudsmans Jurisdiction' and or go to your Assessment Officer and say 'I refuse to be a part of the continued Criminal Negligence of Crazydave so take me off the case and you deal with it' That way when the kaka finally hits the fan, you will not be open to prosecution, as those individuals and organisations mentioned in my blogs n videos shall be.
While I have a solicitor who doesn't shirk their responsibilty like the one did last year, that it would be a waste of my time complaining to the Law Society over cos they all cover each others backsides, especially when its scum like you Eh Crazydave! So it would seem.
I guees the bottom line is Sam I am totally dissatisfied with your reply to my complaint and the areas you claim to only have responsibilty to investigate.
All the Best People in this instance its Watchdogs that do actually do what it says on the tin, not like ofwat, not like ofgem certainly not like the equality human rights commission and so far not like the LGO.
Crazydave entertains the crowd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSj3xjF8JHY
YEP ANOTHER NIGHT WHERE I'VE BEEN STOMPED ON AT 0400hrs just for their kicks ombudsman dudes, and again at 1030hrs this morning, I sure would like an injunction taken out on the lodger being there, till my home move had been sorted ombudsman dudes, cos Cardiff County Council will not do it for me, isn't that right Equality and Human Rights Commission.
Not that they are likely todo that Eh Crazydave? Nope they are just going to let it continue and continue ad nauseum or so it would seem. As well as sending them this blog I also emailed them the previous regarding Mr. Jeff Parry's reply, I'll post it here for ready reference, rather than Sam responding to the questions that raises now I am getting the standardised format letter.
Well here is the email:

ask@ombudsman-wales.org.uk; j.parry@cardiff.gov.uk; clerktothecouncil@cardiff.gov.uk; iain@iaindale.com; ieuan.wynjones@wales.gov.uk; michael.murphy@cardiff.gov.uk; victoria@bbc.co.uk; jonathan morgan (jonathan.morgan@wales.gov.uk); letters@guardian.co.uk; Ralph (Cllr) Cook (rcook@cardiff.gov.uk); kate.bennett@equalityhumanrights.com; Drive (drive@bbc.co.uk); news@itvwales.com; mediawales (mike.hill@mediawales.co.uk); sam.rogers@ombudsman-wales.org.uk

Hi Sam Everyone Here is a blog that I had misspelt on the Crazydave Files that I think has more than just the 2 items that you appear to think is all that the LGO can look into Sam. The reply to Jeff Parry is the most important aspect. David Gabriel

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Then there was the rest of the blog.
I hope that you note who the so-receivers are because I've also been posting on Twitter and thought its about time I dragged Mr. Iain Dale into the spotlight seeing as BBC Radio Wales often used him during the MP expenses scandal as a pundit. It doesn't look like Iain is challenging on the peoples behalf for a totally accountable council, but it would appear that he accepts the limitations on public question to full council meetings.
I wonder if the roles were reversed he like me would be clamouring for these antiquated, illegal rules to be abandoned and how is it that the local government ombudsman appears to think that this is not within their remit to investigate, especially given the complaint of Criminal Negligence which they appear to be ignoring altogether.
So I Tweeted this:
iamcrazydaveHi People see Mr Iain Dale implicated in torture of mental health sufferer http://localgovernmentwhite... #iaindale from web
Do I tell a lie Mr. Dale? Oh I don't think so Crazydave. Whats the quote 'When good men stand by and do nothing etc' I am sure you know the ending Iain. Soon I will shoot the latest South Wales Echo article that I came across this last week, regarding the Vale of Glamorgan council having a referendum as to whether the Tenants would like to TRANSFER TO A HOUSING ASOCIATION can you believe that Crazydave? Oh yes! What I would like to know is
1) will the Tenants be offered the chance of ownership of a Trust specifically for their benefit. That they will never be allowed to buy but that because they are the co-owners with all the other tenants they get to make decisions on who is employed where.
2) I wonder if they are going to be sold of for the nominal sum of £1 pound so that depreciation can never be used to de-fraud the account, will never be taken into account at any time now or in the future.
3) Will a set of account be produced as if the above were true so that the Tenant can see the annual profit difference that the change will cause, and thus have a better standard of upkeep, plus new build or be given first dibs on any repossessed properties, that such a difference to no-longer being a council owned Tenancy would cause.
What I would like to suggest to the Ombudsman is that over the last Ten years that I have been trying to draw all sorts of everyones attention to this issue over rent rebates in council accounts. Cardiff County Councils have by not tranfering the tenancies to a Trust or Housing association have denuded that account by £300 Million pounds easily able to afford for me to be appropriately for my particular needs. That means not being played games with by Sick Gits who really ought to have been out of my life in Feb 2002 Chief Constable.
I will be shooting a video about the Article I might even type it up here at some future time, I wonder what our Conservative Party Blogger will think to this, will he demand that set of accounts, so maybe he might challenge his local council over their dubious dealings with Council Tenants, the money comes from Central Government not the Local Council. Putting rent rebates in the general fund is also another Fraud Chief Constable. There would be none in a Trust or Housing Associations.
Well that is me for today. Motto following the 'do nothing, wait till we see the paperwork from the council' replies I've had by the Ombudsman can I say without fear of actions for Slander against me that 'they are aiding and abetting harassment, victimisation and the Criminal Negliegence of Crazydave to the detriment of his health and welfare' Oh I think so Crazydave I really think you can say that. Don't they have protocols for dealing swiftly with complaints of neglect or intimidation or harassment, or Criminal Negliegence especially when it is ongoing.
So will it all end this week Crazydave? Will someone somewhere finally act on my behalf so that I do not have to suffer this anymore, or are they all getting their kicks outta it Crazydave? That appears to be the case so far dude.
End of update.
Update tues 21st July 2009
Odd that my images are not showing on blogger today? Odd that on another council terminal I could not even access blogger yesterday. Odd that nothing is mentioned in the Ombudsman letter about access to viewing my youtube vids has been denied me by Cardiff County Council, an act of political censorship that has not been addressed by the likes of Iain Dale, or other politicians who bleat about the glorious freedom we have in this country. Not when your name is Crazydave and your in Cardiff eh Crazydave. Thass right.
Here is an email sent to the Library service a few weeks ago chased up but still no reply Ombudsman dudes, but you might like to look into its contents and see if good resources were just binned without thought of the larger community. Then some latest vids and then its the send it to all the Usual Suspects today. Not that they are likely to open their eyes to helping me, after all they havent so far.

Cd Readers for local libraries‏
From:david gabriel
Sent:19 June 2009 14:20:36
Hi there
I am a citizen journalist who uses the local libraries for internet access. I have noticed that a large number of the adult terminals do not have CD readers or ones that work. I wonder what ever happened to the hard drives at Central before it moved to the new building that were CD Readers??? Have they been needlessly thrown away or is there an intention of installing them in the outlaying libraries in this city. If they are when is that likely to be done and could someone explain why they were not shipped out at the closing of central prior to its move as they were not being used and new were the order of the day in the new building.
I hope to hear from you soon, all the best David Gabriel
That was duly chased up on the 29th June 2009 and still no reply. Can anyone from Cardiff County Council explain that, or supply the necessary answer even if it is 'Unfortunately Crazydave they were binned thoughtlessly' While the Ombudsman is unlikely to investigate it, maybe some other notable might so that waste by Councils are held in check. They might also like to take on board access for such sites as Youtube and Blogger in this day and age ought to be available for adults using the councils computer terminals. If they allow facebook then why not these sites????????????????
The latest vids then:
Whitewash by Local Government Ombudsman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX0C_N748Js
BBC Radio Wales Wind Turbine debate again when the Water Wheel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unpoZGpuulo
Well blow me down if the videos are working on this terminal today, but will that be reflected in all terminals or has some clever bugger got in and changed the settings again. Right lets get this off to the Prime Minister and the rest of the U.S.
Love N Light Crazydave

FW: Cardiff County Council new game blocking blogger sites‏
From:david gabriel
Sent:21 July 2009 16:03:03
To: contactlibraries@cardiff.gov.uk;
Hi Library dudes maybe you can unstick this
From: David Gabriel
To: ask@ombudsman-wales.org.uk; j.parry@cardiff.gov.uk; clerktothecouncil@cardiff.gov.uk; iain@iaindale.com; ieuan.wynjones@wales.gov.uk; michael.murphy@cardiff.gov.uk; victoria@bbc.co.uk; jonathan.morgan@wales.gov.uk; letters@guardian.co.uk; rcook@cardiff.gov.uk; kate.bennett@equalityhumanrights.com; drive@bbc.co.uk; news@itvwales.com; mike.hill@mediawales.co.uk; sam.rogers@ombudsman-wales.org.uk
Subject: Cardiff County Council new game blocking blogger sites
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 16:00:44
Hi Everyone
It seems that Cardiff County Council have a new game, that of blocking blogger viewing now. This is political censorship of the most invidious kind, I wonder just when this organisation is going to be stopped from its political
from its political interference with someone using County Council Library terminals??????????????
I wished to copy paste my latest blog update to send to all the Usual suspects this interfears with that process. Am I the only one this happens to? and the BBC likes to talk about censorship in China while ignoring it in their back yard???????????????
Lets hope this Council is finally brought up short and those responsible never ever allowed to work in the public sector ever again Eh Crazydave. Thasss Right!
I have been using blogger at council library computers since 2006 why is it suddenly not available?? Perhaps its the contents so I've shot some videos of this new game the Council is playing along with whoops I can suddenly view my videos on youtube. I expect that will end once I send this email off to the Ombudsman and a few of those who should know better. All it means is that I will yet again have to go to an internet cafe in order to copy paste the blog and send it to the Usual Suspects one of whom is the Prime Minister, not that his office staff pass them on or something might have been done by now. I guess who ever is responsible is having a good old laugh, the question is will they be traceable Chief Constable. Crazydave
You are trying to access the web page:"http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/"which is categorized as: "Cardiff_Council_Schools_Block;Blogs/Wiki"
The notice is oh so much clearer than this. So has the Ombudsman rung up the library service and asked 'What do you think your up to, and what about those hard drives that were CD readable n writeable?? Were they just binned? and get Crazydaves blogs back up on your service and don't interfer with his youtube again got it.' Not from the email I had in my inbox today Eh Mr. Rogers.
Remember for a full list of blogs got to http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com